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Rural Development Styria

The association Rural Development Styria (Landentwicklung Steiermark) has been founded by the provincial government of the region of Styria with the aim to sustainably strengthening rural areas by implementing citizens`participation. In cooperation with the responsible departments of the provincial government, we make an important contribution to create dynamic rural areas worth living in.

As a partner of Styrian municipalities, we are supporting civic participation processes to create sustainable development in diverse thematic fields. Our goal is to help local communities to make full use of their economic potentials while preserving their values and creating a balance between economic, social and environmental interests. We want to achieve this goal by activating the citizens’ self-responsibility, by creating networks and fostering co-operation between stakeholders from urban and rural areas.

We have nearly 20 years of experience in managing sustainable change processes in local communities and we are supporting municipalities in developing and implementing action plans for the future together with their citizens. The topics we work on range from economic issues to social and environmental issues and include town centre development, spatial planning, mobility, health care and education. We have also participated in several regional, national and international co-operation projects and have gained experience in diverse fields.



From December 2011 to December 2014, we have coordinated the INTERREG IVC project HISTCAPE. HISTCAPE (HISToric assets and related landsCAPE) focused on the sustainable management of rural heritage and related territories in small rural towns. We have worked together with 9 other European regions to develop and implement innovative models for the preservation of historic town centres and cultural and natural heritage in rural areas. Through interregional cooperation, the project has filled a strategic policy gap, improving the effectiveness of regional policies and creating fresh perspectives and innovative ideas for all the partner regions. New knowledge and skills were generated to bring about pol¬icy impacts at regional and European level.

HISTCAPE partners are presenting the results of their cooperation in a sus¬tainable management guide “Cultural Heritage, Landscape & Rural Develop¬ment”. This publication includes policy recommendations, examples of good practice and general guidelines for suc¬cessful implementation. Project results are disseminated via the project website:



Urban Mobility Lab Graz

From March 2015 to February 2016, we participated in the project „Urban Mobility Lab Graz”. The project was aimed to design and prepare an urban mobility laboratory for the city of Graz and its surrounding rural areas in an exploratory way. Within the “Urban Mobility Lab Graz” innovative mobility solutions for Grater Graz shall be developed and tested under realistic conditions. One key element of the laboratory is the empowerment of the stakeholders and to raise awareness for the future mobility needs in urban areas. In this project, our role is mainly related to the strengthening of urban-rural relationships and the development of cooperation between the various stakeholders from the city of Graz and the surrounding municipalities.
Information on the Urban Mobility Lab Graz can be found at:



We are very interested to continue our work in co-operation projects with European partners, where we can bring in our strengths, our experience and our good relationships with our network partners, such as the province of Styria and the Styrian municipalities. We would like to work on new topics for the rural areas, to implement innovative solutions together with the policy makers and local stakeholders in the region.